A small, single-seater trimaran dinghy that is safe for any disabled person. It's unsinkable, self bailing, won’t capsize and is very stable. Use it racing, training or cruising. Launch from the beach, slipway, pontoon or mooring. And because it can be fitted with electronic controls and personalised seating, it enables disabled people from 12 to 92 years young, female and male to all enjoy the thrills and freedom of sailing.

As part of Helensburgh Sailing Club where we have full use of the newly built clubhouse , including showers and toilets for both male and female disabled sailors, Helensburgh Challenger Group exists to advance the education and promote the welfare of disabled sailors and disabled persons in general. It aims to promote the enjoyment of sailing by disabled people and to encourage, instruct and support disabled sailors enabling them to achieve the competence and confidence to enjoy taking charge of a Challenger afloat and ashore.