HSC has hosted major championships since the 1950s for, amongst others, Enterprise, GP14, Fireball, Albacore, Mirror, 420, Sonata, and Sigma 33 classes. Our parking facilities (cars, dinghies, trailers), launching facilities (at all states of the tide), mooring and berthing (at nearby Rhu Marina which also hosts Crhu Chandlery) equip us to handle major fleets. The prime sailing area is off Helensburgh just a mile or so southeast of the club. For info contact the Regatta Secretary.

Helensburgh is well-served with restaurants to suit all tastes and all budgets. This does, however, attract visitors from the surrounding area and advance booking is recommended particularly at weekends. The town is both a seaside resort and a dormitory town for Glasgow. There is a range of accommodation available, not all within the town itself. Popular websites like TripAdvisor.co.uk , Booking.com and LoveLochLomond.com provide up-to-date listings BUT be aware that their search algorithms don't always take account of the Clyde Estuary! Towns like Gourock and Largs aren't too far as the seagull flies, but are considerably further away by road. Also VisitScotland and AirBnb for the local area.

Space can be made available adjacent to the clubhouse for limited numbers of tents and campervans, but requests must be lodged via the Club Office so that adequate pre-planning can be arranged. FIRST BOOKED, FIRST SERVED!