Champ repainted and recommissioned.
CCTV, Slipway Lighting, and Webcams all completed and activated.
Inflatables Rack Refurbishment completed.

Storage Sheds  Project being re-assessed following storm damage. New plans being formulated.


Our thanks to everyone who responded to the Satisfaction Survey run by the RYA in June. The response level was relatively low (27.4%), but in line with response rates in clubs across the UK (29.6%). We are quite pleased to be well into the top quartile of results, at 87.7% Members' Satisfaction. The UK average was 83.2%. We have taken time to examine the results and the 370+ comments to learn from them.

Our 18' Cheverton Champ was bought (new) in 1969, following the construction of the first clubhouse in 1968. 50 years later the clubhouse is long replaced but the Champ soldiers on.

The RoadShow on Apr 26 raised a remarkable £1,856 for RNLI funds. Well done from HSC to the local fundraisers, and we are delighted to have been able to help.