We are introducing a trial of Pay-As-You-Go Sailing in conjunction with the 2019 Push The Boat Out event held on 18th May. To take part you must be a member. New sailors can take out Temporary Membership with the ability to convert to full membership later in the season, if desired, with prior payments taken into account. Club dinghies are available for hire, for use on designated days when safety cover will be available. Use the "Book Online" button below to take out temporary membership and/or book a dinghy. You will need a Membership No to book a dinghy, and new members will be allocated a temporary number as part of the process.

  Book online

The club also encourages learning via crewing, both in keelboats and dinghies. Regular crew are expected to join the club, but "taster" crewing and temporary membership can be arranged. Traditional noticeboard notices will be replaced for 2019 with a Register which will be emailed to those participating. Submit Crew Available or Crew Required details if you would like to participate, or Remove Me if you no longer wish to be included. The Register will be purged at the end of each season.