There are currently 63 member-owned moorings in our area off the club. There is 24/7 access for tender storage and slipway usage + CCTV monitoring of the tender storage racks. During the season the slipway is lit in late evening via a clock-controlled floodlight. Our Moorings Area Licence allows for up to 100 moorings. 

Our Moorings Secretary maintains a register of moorings for sale or for sub-let and he can discuss with you their possible suitability. You can access the list of any available moorings HERE. If that doesn't yield a solution then laying a new one becomes the option. Whichever way you decide to proceed you will need to join the club - see the website "About" page for details and contact the office if you need advice.

See "Obtaining a Mooring" for more on the process. We will help you through it!

See "Moorings Area Layout" for an area diagram. This new zoomable layout shows Boat Name and Latest Tag No for all the moorings in our area. You can click on the layout to see the lat/long details of your click. Moorings show the positions as per a survey done by us in late June. We would welcome any corrections from position pings you may take yourselves - send any details to the office and the Moorings Secretary.

The underlying principles:

  • Crown Estate Scotland (CES) owns the seabed so you need a licence from them in order to lay a mooring.
  • CES has appointed Bidwells as their managing agent for moorings.
  • Licences can be individual or group. "Moorings Associations" can apply for a group licence and then they have sole rights for moorings management within an area agreed with Bidwells for CES. The cost per mooring is significantly less for an association as compared with an individual mooring, reflecting the admin effort taken on by the association on behalf of CES/Bidwells.
  • HSC is the agreed Moorings Association for the area off the club. The licence fee is paid by the club based on the number of moorings laid in the area. The club collects each mooring owner's share of the fee for remittance to Bidwells. 
  • Moorings in the HSC area are owned by individual boat owners who MUST be members of HSC in order to comply with the group licence. Likewise users of club members' sub-let moorings must also be members.