Self timed, for any boat with a PY number. A, L, H. Start at any mark and either all to Port or all to Starboard, two rounds. Submit times to Tim Flatman. Prizes may be given!

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The Barking Challenge is still running too. Mark A to the first point of the Sugar Ship, or the other direction Ship to A. Self time again.

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Moorings: 60 member-owned moorings in our area off the club, with space for more. 24/7  tender / slipway access. Our Moorings Secretary can advise. 
Musters: a victim of weather in 2019. Nae luck in 2020 either!
Racing: Wednesday evenings off Helensburgh - see East Patch Racing - and weekends - see Clyde Yacht Clubs' Association. All binned for 2020.

Dinghy Park: space for over 100 dinghies, cats and tenders. Extension Dinghy Park, north of the club, has additional space for major events - trailers, campervans etc - also winter storage for members' small keelboats.
Racing: a short "Summer 2020" series on Thursdays finished on 10 Sept and the Autumn Series on 15 Nov. Winter Series (Jan-Mar) subject to The Virus!